Blog Post #7: Your Personal Inquiry

Revisit your Personal Inquiry question. Using this module’s Learning Target as a lens, connect your Inquiry question to classroom learning and instruction. As a leader, identify 1 element of change that you believe is important and explain by referencing to your context. Draw on any course materials and independent research to inform.

How can technology integration create an emotionally supportive classroom environment of self actualization for kids and adults?

Using applications such as The Work by Byron Katie, students can work through conflicts with other students or even with negative self talk. As students self reflect on their emotional and social challenges, they can have the tools at their fingertips to build a stronger self image. As a 5th grade teacher, my colleagues and I teach human growth and development, which covers the basics of puberty and the changes that happen in growing up. If left unchecked, social and emotional issues will grow leaving students frustrated without support and guidance.

One element that is important for sustained change is to improve upon refinement and integration opportunities of initiatives. Specifically, as we roll out programs and lessons to students, such as a read aloud of this children’s book followed by a fish bowl of how our thoughts are powerful, there needs to be quarterly professional development opportunities for teachers to learn from experts and improve their craft with the change initiative.  For example, as we continue with human growth and development lessons, specific targeted PD for the social and emotional needs of our students and individual teachers, could help us to improve our pedagogy further.


Image retrieved by: Wikimedia Commons



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